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Finding the Story and Crafting your Own: A Day in the Life of a CNN Reporter

In May 2021 and in celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, Stanford Cap and Gown hosted a virtual discussion with CNN national correspondent and Stanford Cap and Gown alumna, Natasha Chen.

Natasha is a national correspondent for CNN based in Atlanta, GA. Her reporting experience has put her at the heart of major national stories from the impact of COVID-19 to Black Lives Matter protests to anti-Asian hate crimes. While an undergraduate at Stanford, Natasha majored in Psychology and was an active member of Mixed Co Acapella, the Stanford Film Society, and the Fall '03 Study Abroad cohort at Oxford. There were over 80 students and alumni at the virtual event where Natasha highlighted the following topics.

  • A Day in the Life of a Traveling Field Correspondent

  • Her Path to her Career at CNN

  • The Role of Storytelling in the Modern World

  • Race Relations Reporting

  • Being an Asian American Woman in Journalism

  • The importance of Mentorship

A particularly poignant part of Natasha's remarks centered around why we are so concerned with thinking things in a normal, linear conventional way? Your weird thing connects you with your tribe and it helps you stand out and be memorable. Make sure your choices are uniquely and weirdly yours. This resonated with the audience who were enthralled with Natasha's remarks, lessons learned and sage advice to all women. Stanford Cap and Gown was honored to host one of our most successful virtual events with many thanks to our very own - Natasha Chen.

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