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ABOUT Cap and Gown

Cap and Gown is a community of women leaders at Stanford that supports its members throughout their time at the university and beyond through mentorship, guidance, and intergenerational relationships. Cap and Gown also honors excellence across academics, leadership, and service to the university through the prestigious Cap and Gown Leader Award.

Established in 1905, Cap and Gown is one of Stanford’s oldest organizations. Cap and Gown aims to serve Stanford by providing experiential training to women to help them grow into leaders and by fostering connections between alumni and students independent of geography. The organization also takes part in welcoming women to campus and honoring academic excellence that cannot be measured by GPA. Our members and alumni engage in projects of service on campus and in the community in order to maintain and promote the ideals of Stanford University.


The mission of Cap and Gown is to cultivate and empower leaders by bringing together members of the Stanford community who demonstrate and celebrate leadership. We connect active leaders on campus to our successful alumni through meaningful service and networking events. With over 2,000 alumni in a variety of fields, Cap and Gown promotes leadership across the world.


Cap & Gown achieves the mission By:

1. Increasing communication and contact among leaders and supporters of leaders on the Stanford campus.
2. Undertaking projects and sponsoring events which support and enhance the opportunities for Stanford students and alumni, both while at Stanford and after entering the workforce and community arenas.
3. Providing desired continuity to Cap and Gown and Stanford traditions; and acting as a bond between the classes of the past and present, enabling each to share the ideas and interests of the other and to cooperate to achieve common goals.

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