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AlumnI Board


The Alumni Board serves to connect Cap and Gown alumnae with each other and the Stanford community. This includes hosting events, supporting mentorship and communicating Cap and Gown news to members. The Alumni Board meets four times a year and works with the Students Board in planning and hosting Cap and Gown events. It also manages Cap and Gown’s scholarship funds and dues collection. If you are interested in joining the board or have any questions, please contact us.

Since 2005, Bay Area Cap and Gown women who graduated in the past ten years have met over friendly, casual meals.  Come share your experiences in the working world, meet interesting women, and reunite with old Cap and Gown friends at a Young Alumni event.

We would like to expand our Young Alumni program within and beyond the Bay Area and we need your help!   If you have suggestions for future Young Alumni events or would like to organize an event, please send an email to

Michelle Galloway.jpg
Michelle Galloway
'86, '89


Smeeta Ramarathnam.jpg
Smeeta Ramarathnam
'96, '00


Ruth Cronkite.jpg
Ruth Cronkite
'70, '71, '74, '76


Rachel Portillo.jpg
Rachel Portillo
'21, '22

Secretary, Member Programming

Negin Behzadian.JPG
Negin Behzadian
'17, '18

Communications Chair

Melissa Luu-Van.jpeg
Melissa Luu-Van
'06, '07

Long Range Planning Chair

Nancy Price.jpg
Nancy Price

Membership Chair

Kathryn Kilner.jpg
Kathryn Kilner

Operations Chair

Kathy Chou.jpg
Kathy Chou
'85, '86

Operations Co-Chair

Andrea Hinton.png
Andrea Hinton

Programming Co-Chair,

Spring Brunch Chair

Karen McKinley.jpg
Karen McKinley
'97, MA '97

Member – Long Range Planning

Actives Liaison

Tiffani Anderson.jpg
Tiffani Anderson

Leader Award & Ceremony Chair

Jacquelyn Wong.jpg
Jacquelyn Wong

Nominating Chair

Ellen Petrill.jpeg
Ellen Petrill
'77, '78

Programming Co-Chair

Carmen Sebro.jpg
Carmen Sebro

Member – Long Range Planning

(focus: University Relations)

Carol Benz.jpg
Carol Benz

Member – Operations

Kathy Strahs.jpg
Kathy Strahs
'96, '02

Member – Operations

Katie Lingras.jpg
Katie Lingras

Member – Operations

Maia Miller.jpg
Maia Miller

Member – Operations

Jessica Mahler.JPG
Jessica Mahler
'04, '05

Member – Operations

Naomi Waltman.jpg
Naomi Waltman
'85, '88


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