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For the past several years, our students and young alumnae have expressed interest in an informal mentoring program where young Cap and Gown women can contact alumnae with similar education, experiences, and interests.  If you are a Cap and Gown alumna and would like to lend some of your time and expertise to mentor a Cap and Gown woman, we could use your help!

Program Details

The mentorship program is planned to have three components:

Launching Event: Winter Welcome

We will launch the Mentorship Program at Winter Welcome, which will happen in mid to late January. Although attending Winter Welcome is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for local mentors so that they can meet their mentee in-person and initiate their relationship! More information about a launching event for remote mentors will be announced soon.


Program A: Coffee Chats on Campus

We will host group coffee chats on campus for our alumni and students. Mentees in the mentorship program will each attend at least one of these coffee chats each quarter. This opportunity will also be open to students outside of the mentorship program. We invite local alumni that will be able to join these events in-person to sign up for Program A.


Program B: One-to-One Mentorship

We will match mentors and mentees for one-to-one mentorship. Our hope is that mentors will meet with their mentees, either in-person or virtually, at least once per month or quarter. We invite both local and remote alumni to join this program.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in participating in Program A or Program B, please fill out this form (<10 minutes to complete).

If you have any questions or advice, please feel free to contact the Mentorship Program Chair, Alice Ku, at

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