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Winter welcome 2012

7th Annual Stanford Women Winter Welcome

On Wednesday, January 25, 2012, Stanford women gathered in the elegant Faculty Club main dining room to get acquainted, as Cap and Gown founders would say, or hang out, as current frosh and sophomores would say.  The Seventh Annual Stanford Women Winter Welcome buzzed with excited conversation among thirteen tables full of Stanford women spanning all ages:  freshmen and sophomore undergraduates, faculty and staff, and Cap & Gown actives and alumnae.



The evening began with a rousing opening from Julie Lythcott-Haims, Dean of Freshmen and Cap and Gown honorary and a poignant welcome from Cap and Gown president Kathy Chou.  Kathy reminded us that the evening was a gift – how often do you get to talk with women deans, professors, seniors, and alumnae?  Ellen Petrill introduced Cap and Gown honorary Pam Matson, Dean of Earth Sciences.  Pam entertained us and also provoked examination of our beliefs about life after college by telling us her story.  Pam’s zig-zagging road led from being a motivated student at Stanford to one after the other fun and interesting jobs, and finally to today’s fulfilling role as Dean of the School of Earth Sciences.  In each role, she loved the job and also realized that this was not what she wanted to do for her entire career.  Each time she took action that led to another exciting job, each bringing critical skills and lessons along the way.  A clear message from Pam’s career path is that a woman can change, grow, and take new directions.  Take note: each decision will not be your last!

The room then buzzed with lively table discussions about finding your road.  The event appears to have achieved the status of an annual event, thanks to the support of founders of the event, Deans Julie Lythcott-Haims and Pam Matson, as well as the School of Humanities and the Women’s Community Center.  When we see our seniors and juniors passionate about the Winter Welcome because they attended as freshmen and sophomores, we know it has become a tradition.

Thanks to the actives for motivating freshmen and sophomores to attend and to the alumnae for welcoming the freshmen and sophomores and leading fantastic discussions, and to the committee for your time and effort to make this a success.

Don’t miss it next year -  we look forward to your support at the 8th annual Stanford Women Winter Welcome!

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